Meet Papio Pete!
Hi, I’m Papio Pete, the spokesbutterfly for Papillion 150! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m a 7-foot-tall monarch butterfly who loves eating milkweed and telling people all the great things about Papillion!

Papillion is a strong community with a rich history and a great story to tell. But we know the biggest part of that story lies with our residents. This is where you come in!

We are compiling residents’ stories and photos of life in Papillion. We invite you to send us your:

  • Family, business or organizational history in Papillion
  • Historical photos of life in Papillion
  • Interesting facts or stories about Papillion that have been passed down to you
  • What brought you or your family to Papillion
  • What makes Papillion a special place

We want this to blog to be a place where residents can share and celebrate all aspects of life in Papillion. Please send your stories and images to to be posted to this blog so that our community can learn more about itself, past and present. Whether brief or lengthy, or simply just photos, we want to hear from you!

Written by Papillion 150

February 19, 2020

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